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Women's Bionic Glove

Women's Bionic Glove
Bionic Golf Gloves are specially designed for the female hand. They are the only gloves with patented pad technology to give you more comfort, a better grip and 2x more durability than a standard leather glove. The pads provide stability to keep the club from twisting at impact, providing more confidence with each shot. Mini terrycloth towels inside the glove deliver superior moisture control, so your hand will stay cool and dry even during the hottest days on the course.
The padding is helpful for people with arthritis.
NZ$ 32.00
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To find your Bionic glove size, measure (in inches) around your glove hand with a tape measure at the points indicated on the diagram below.  Then use the table to deternine your glove size.  If your hand's circumference is larger than the length, order a size up to ensure a better fit.