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  • Hopehill Women's Unlined Pants
    If you have never owned a pair of Hopehill pants, we suggest you find someone who has and you will be convinced within a matter of seconds that these are a must for every golfer's wardrobe. Water-resistant and breathable, these are the ultimate in a performance garment.
    NZ$ 165.00
  • Women's Fleecy Lined Hopehill Pants
    The ultimate in warm pants for playing golf in inclement weather.
    2 Side Pockets
    2 Back Pockets with zipper
    Windproof and water repellent so rain just beads off the fabric on showery days.
    NZ$ 189.00
  • Jofit Slimmer Crop Pant
    Pull-on pant made from 4-way stretch woven fabric that doesn't bag and wicks moisture away fro your skin to keep you dry.
    Waistband has belt loops.
    2 Front Side Pockets
    2 Back Pockets
    NZ$ 89.00
  • Jofit Slimmer Pant
    4-way Stretch Woven Fabric.
    Built-in slimming panel waistband.
    Fabric that doesn't bag
    Back pockets.
    Long length for those with longer legs
    Inseam 33 1/2"
    NZ$ 89.00